Teaching Philosophy

I emphasize problem solving skills by guiding students to piece together information to reach new conclusions. Research in STEM education suggests active learning classrooms are more effective for all students and especially for students from underrepresented groups. I utilize active learning through regular in-class problem sets which are designed to require creative problem solving rather than quoting memorized information.


Instructor of Record

  • MATH 383 First Course in Differential Equations
    Spring 2018

  • MATH 233 Multivariable Calculus
    Summer 2017

  • MATH 116 Intuitive Calculus
    Fall 2016

  • MATH 130 Precalculus
    Fall 2015

Selected Teaching Assistant

  • MATH 653 Introductory Analysis
    Fall 2017

  • MATH 521 Advanced Calculus
    Summer 2015

Invited Instruction

  • Analysis Boot Camp
    August 2016/2017
    Invited by department to teach intensive review for incoming graduate students

  • Analysis Comprehensive Exam Review
    Summer 2016
    Invited by department to prepare graduate students for Analysis Comprehensive Exam

Inquiry-Based Learning


AWM Mentor Network

  • Organized newly created AWM Mentor Network

  • Mentor to 2 undergraduate members of the AWM Student Chapter 

Other Mentoring

  • Assisting in directing Difan Li's undergraduate research under my advisor, Dr. Jason Metcalfe

  • Developed mentoring relationship with undergraduate math major after tutoring him in Advanced Calculus and Elementary Number Theory